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A fence has many different uses. A main reason is home and garden design. The styles currently available in the market can perfectly match and connect to your home design and look. Creating the atmosphere and vibe you are looking for through the use of materials, colors, and custom design. In addition, fences are a great way to ensure comfort and safety. They are especially useful for homes with kids and pets. In many cases a wood barrier and gate create lower visibility and increase privacy. In other cases, a metal barrier surrounded by plants and flowers can provide the same privacy level. Cement walls are also an option for all or some of the barrier covering area to ensure a sense of privacy and eliminate visibility. The most important part is building a fence that is strong and holds regardless of the natural elements. That is where EOL Builders come in. Providing clients with the highest of quality at affordable prices, no matter the fence and gate style you desire. Working with all materials and helping you choose the one that is right for you and your home. Join us in the journey to a beautifully standing fence today. To start your fences and gates project give us a call or click the ‘Free Estimates’.

The Fence Building Process:

EOL Builders provides a free cost estimate to all customers looking for a fence home and garden project. Before the project begins, EOL Builders will help you decide which style and design is right for you. Providing additional tips and insights along the way. All work must comply with city codes and pass all inspections. Changes to work and design are acceptable up to a certain stage of the project. Additional cost may be required after that stage.