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Each homeowner has a different budget, with that said all homeowners are eligible for construction projects. Financing options are available to you as the homeowner regardless of the reason you are looking to remodel your home. The types of loans available: Home equity with fixed-rate loans is available as one time loan with interest rates that do not change. The amount you receive depends on the equity of your home, and typically allows for a 10-20 years repayment period. Home equity with a line of credit is available based on the equity of your home. Giving you access to a credit line. You can use the credit line when you need money. Rates vary depending on the amount, lender, and various other factors. Construction loans are short term, but can be used for all remodeling projects types and sizes. They do however typically come with a higher interest rate. PACE loans are available for homeowners looking to make their home more energy efficient. They are special in a sense that at times the person taking them out does not have to pay back the loan in full. If you as the homeowner sell your home you can sell the loan as well. You can then pay off the loan with the sell, or you can transfer the loan to the new homeowner. Now that these financing options are available to you it is easier than ever to complete any construction work you want in your home regardless of the budget at hand. All that is needed now is the help of EOL Builders.

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EOL Builders provides a free cost estimate to all customers looking for construction projects in their home. Before the project begins, EOL Builders will help you in deciding which project is right and necessary for your home. Equipped with a formal quote and price for the work. In addition, providing additional tips and insights along the way. All work must comply with city codes and pass all inspections. Changes to work and design are acceptable up to a certain stage of the project. Additional cost may be required after that stage.