Marry Johnson

Me and my husband decided to remodel our kitchen and the process of choosing the right contractor for us was frustrating.
We met with 4 different companies in order to remodel our kitchen and in the and we decided to go with eol builders.
we found out about this company from our friends that eol built for them an extra room on their backyard area, their price was fair and the owner of the company was very nice, therefore we decided to choose eol.
Eol provided us a detailed design according to the answers and the features of our kitchen area and then they start with the remodeling.
This guys are professional!
they make sure to leave our kitchen area clean by the end of every day, they helped us to pick the best material and appliances we can have, they helped us with choosing the most functional layout we can get from our kitchen area and the most important thing they did what they promised and finished on time.
We definitely recommend this company to other people and we will definitely choose them for our next remodel.