Mason L.

EOL Builders helped me tremendously. They helped me plan the final touches for my construction project on my property in San Jose. It’s took them about a week and a half to finish the kitchen (refurbished the cabinets and backsplash) and about 2 weeks with the flooring and bathroom. The quality of work was great, they were friendly and quick to get started. They also told me about energy saving windows which I didn’t know too much about. They explained how they help conserve energy and save me money on my electrical bill. They checked out my windows. Although the windows are in good condition I might change them up next year to increase the value of the condo. It usually doesn’t get too cold but when the sun hits the condo it gets pretty warm and that’s what I’m trying to avoid.Everything went smooth with EOL. They really do a professional job and went above and beyond to make sure I knew exactly what was going on. They finished ahead of schedule which was a huge plus. Their team is on point!