Lic # 1029011

Lic # 1029011

Room Addition

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A room addition is any type of addition building in a home, regardless of size, area, or use of space. It can be an expansion to an existing room or a brand new room. Also, it can have a direct access to a home or a whole new separate door or path. It can even be built as a second story to a home. The point is the options are endless. Many room additions serve the purpose of space increase when a family extends, the home requires more bathrooms, relatives often come from out of town, or the kitchen is too small. However, room additions greatly increase the home value. This is a valuable feature for homeowners. Whether they are trying to refinance their mortgage or are looking to sell their home. Addition in square footage equals addition in money value. The beauty of room additions is that it serves the purpose you choose without needing to move. At EOL Builders we have years of experience in construction and room additions, providing hundreds of families with the space they require. All projects are completed at an affordable price while building up to city codes and standards. Join us in the journey to a beautiful and functional room today. To start your room addition project in San Jose give us a call or click the ‘Free Estimates’.

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The Building Process:

EOL Builders provides a free cost estimate to all customers looking for a room addition contractor in San Jose CA. Before the project begins, EOL Builders will help you decide which area, room size, and room type is right for your home. Providing additional tips and insights along the way. All work must comply with city codes and pass all inspections. Changes to work and design are acceptable up to a certain stage of the project. Additional cost may be required after that stage.